Cell Therapy

Regulatory T cells (Tregs) that play an important role in maintaining immune tolerance and immunological homeostasis have been isolated and specially culture into T cells specific to Alzheimer's disease and injected into the Alzheimer's disease animal model to identify their efficacy and potential. Additional studies are being conducted to enable final allogeneic cells transplantation.

Natural product Therapy

Through In Vitro, In Vivo experiments, we are developing treatments by identifying working techniques using DNA and protein-based research techniques of effective natural product. The major target diseases include dementia, asthma, depression, and diabetes, and we are conducting research by forming networks with many of the best researchers in Korea and abroad.

Natural product functional materials / Cosmetic materials

We scientifically identified the efficacy of natural product that have been used in the past, and secured natural product that have been verified for safety and validity. we are using this natural product to develop healthy functional foods aimed at improving memory, improving blood circulation, improving high blood pressure, and improving stress and menopause disorders. Also, we have functional cosmetic material for improving atopic dermatitis, whitening, and removing wrinkles by using natural product rather than compounds.

Genetic research for Cervi Parvum Cornu

This lab has already analyzed the proteins that appear in the Cervi Parvum Cornu using proteomics and searched for useful candidate proteins that are involved in double growth and differentiation. we will find useful genes that are appeared in Cervi Parvum Cornu and use the method of gene recombination to mass produce them and supply them with raw materials for food, medications and cosmetics.